i2C rank 11th in BRW’s Best Place to Work Study under 100 employees category!

i2C has been named as one of the top ranking architecture firms in Australia in BRW’s Best Place to Work Study 2015. The list, published today in The Australian Financial Review, ranked i2C as the 11th Best Place to Work in the Under 100 Employees Category.


The recognition is a testament to the willpower and innovation of a company to fostering committed and engaged employees. i2C’s leadership duo and founding Managing Directors, Brian Jende and Anthony Merlin, cite their longstanding friendship as the fundamental platform for i2C’s workplace culture.

“We wholeheartedly believe that any company is only as good as its people and we want all of our employees to feel that their contribution is valued and that coming to work is about more than just doing a job,” said Merlin.

“We’re proud to have created an encouraging environment where everyone is confident in expressing themselves and are supported by a loyal team,” he said. “We recognise that our employees deserve to enjoy work/life symmetry and we’ve adopted a fun-loving, whole-of-life perspective to reflect this.”


Anthony Merlin (MD) & Brian Jende (MD)

i2C employees enjoy a range of advantages including flexible work hours, breakout rooms to accommodate employee’s children, monthly team events and a working beer keg in each state’s office. Behind the fun and games, i2C actively promotes individual and team development with a rigorous hiring process based on cultural fit and capability, celebration of achievements and a reward and profit share scheme.

Team members are provided with career planning, professional development and on-going education as well as practical support/mentoring, networking and volunteering opportunities to enable personal and professional growth.

Anthony and Brian are delighted with the recognition and encourage other businesses to invest in staff and workplace culture, “We are proud of our workplace model, it makes for a great place for all of us to work and it makes good business sense” they cite.

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Zrinka Lovrencic, Managing Director of Great Place to Work Australia, said that the 2015 Best Place to Work research shows that the companies recognised consistently outperform their competitors.