Colac Plaza Construction Update

The site has been a long time in ground works and prep for slabs. Now that has been completed, the main Coles box it is leaping out of the ground.

The majority of the precast walls have been erected to the Coles box.

High level steel work to plant room has been installed.

Pad prep is occurring outside the main box now.


The agri pipe and poly-pipes wrapped in geotec fabric you can see sticking out from under slab are for the petroleum vapour mitigation system. This is a positively ventilated system that draws air in from low level (you can see the boxing and draw piping in the photo’s) and expels the air at high level. These are required on sites where fuel oils have been stored or the ground contamination is of such a level that noxious fumes can build up and become a health risk… in extreme cases by being flammable.

As this is a suspended slab there’s a small forest of yellow capped ties coming up. These all have to be stainless steel so they won’t rust and snap as the dirt you can see subsides.

The funny looking pipes with the blue paint and Capps are screw piles. These are used to take the load of structure and footings onsite where you don’t want to go to the cost of piers.

Props, props and more props. These will stay until the steel structure above is installed and certified.

Project Name: Colac Plaza

Client: Lascorp

Builder: Maben

Cost: 10m

Location: Queen Street, Colac, Vic

Status: Construction