Colac Retail Development – Awaiting DA Approval

Tucked beside the railway line in the eastern most portion of inner Colac is a new site for Coles and Speciality stores.  On a sensitive site and bordering Barongarook creek trail, considerable time has been spent providing architectural and landscape screening solutions, to ensure council are satisfied the amenity is not compromised.

The requirement for screening to the less amenable aspects of the supermarket façades has in fact turned these into the most interesting parts of the development. A sculptural timber screen with associated planting forms a beautiful entry sequence from the proposed trail, blending with a colour feature wall to transition from the natural environment of the creek to the built form.

Rendered image of development, view of corner angle
Rendered image of development, view of entry
Rendered image of feature wall

Project Name: Colac Retail Development
Client: Lascorp
Cost: $12M
Location: Colac, VIC
Status: Town Planning