Dan Murphy’s launches new flagship design


Dan Murphy’s new South Melbourne store is the first to be redeveloped with the new R2.0 concept design.

The design has been informed by consumers, focusing on the increased demand for local products and centres around the shopping experience that includes education, discovery, technology and sustainability.

i2C collaborated with the Dan Murphy’s planning team and the builder, Insitu Group, to transform Twelve Studio’s concept into a construction set of drawings. We gathered and reviewed a number of product alternatives to enable the selection of the final materials and finishes that were used.

The Dan Murphy’s South Melbourne store design caters for a range of 450 cold craft beers, of which 30 per cent will be supplied by local Victorian breweries. Customer insights inform the new ranging decisions in each store, products are handpicked to cater for what locals’ love.

The new store incorporates a heavy focus on in-store education, fresh beer delivered weekly straight from the brewer and served from growlers, more craft beer and digital shelf technology that sends beverage information to shoppers’ phones.

Photo: Endeavour Drinks Group

With customers increasingly interested in educating themselves about new styles and experimenting with beverages, the new retail store refit in South Melbourne incorporates considerably more education.

At the heart of the store is a central education area that has been designed to improve customers experience or “magic moments”, which include wine and spirit tastings, a merchant’s corner with recommendations from the store’s resident Wine Merchant and on-demand “micro-classes” hosted by in-store product experts. The micro-classes are perfect for customers who have 10-15 minutes spare while browsing the store. These classes are on-demand, so customers decide when it suits them. Drinkers can learn about things such as organic and biodynamic wines. Topics will change over regularly and cover all categories of drinks, from wine, beer, spirits and cocktails.

Photo: Endeavour Drinks Group

Customers can also choose to self-educate themselves by exploring highlighted areas in the stores, which will contain information about a specific product or segment.

Digital shelf labels have near field communication (NFC) technology, whereby consumers tap the shelf label with their smartphones to get more product information or read customer reviews about a specific product.

It has been found that shoppers preferring local beers and wines had emerged as a key trend during COVID-19. Drinkers were also looking for inter­national beverages that could help them connect with countries that were inaccessible to them because of closed borders.

Photo: Endeavour Drinks Group
Photo: Endeavour Drinks Group

Client: Endeavour Drinks Group

Builder: Insitu Group

Location: South Melbourne, VIC

Photography: Supplied by Endeavour Drinks Group

Craig Yeaman

Craig Yeaman

Project Leader