Lansell Square – Taking Shape

The building is really starting to take shape. The first of three new entrances opened at the start of September receiving great feedback from customers, builders and clients. The remaining two entrances are part of the next stage of works and are due to open just in time for Christmas.

The mall and food court works are near complete with most of the new furniture, pendant lighting and feature ceiling panels installed, giving the interior of the centre a fresh new look to work with the external works.

The new Coles and Liquorland are nearing completion and are due to open mid-September. Some new concepts have been adopted inside the Coles with good results. The opening of the new Coles makes room for the existing Coles to be demolished and with that the remainder of the carpark, façade and entrances to be built.

The new BWS is operational with the existing now demolished allowing for the extension for the Woolworths supermarket to commence. The construction of this is largely to take place away from the operating store meaning as minimal disruptions for them as possible.

Overall the centre is starting to look and feel like a new place and is starting to resonate with the cliental who have been more than happy to share their positive feedback with us.






Construction photos
Project Name: Lansell Square
Client: Charter Hall
Cost: $30M
Location: Bendigo, VIC
Status: Construction