Liquid Studio facilitates innovative digital workshops

The Accenture Liquid Studios are designed for rapid application development and are located in Silicon Valley, Paris, Milan, London and Singapore. The Sydney Liquid Studio, is the first one in Australia and will help local businesses accelerate digital business transformation.


Accenture requested that we “think outside the box”, break traditional boundaries and produce uniquely innovative designs to showcase their company and new technologies.

The Liquid Studio is a flexible work space, designed to play host to a range of functionalities and fitted with the latest technologies, to not only encourage human interaction but embrace creativity and innovation. The Liquid Studio plays host to their unique Mobile Stations which have also been custom designed and manufactured for Accenture by i2C.


Creating the right atmosphere and floor plate for a space that needs to accommodate formal or informal, small or large, public or in-house events can be a challenge. Designing with clients from a number of departments, applications, countries and contexts can be tricky, however we aimed to create a unique design, tailored to suit Accenture’s Sydney office and its many users.


Our aim with the design was to create a space that helped Accenture provide a hands-on new technologies experience for their clients whilst also facilitating the needs of their own design teams. The aim of the space is to be completely cutting edge in its technologies and innovation yet still accessible. Our approach was to create a simple solution to best accommodate its many uses.  The floor plate is flexible to suit varied functions and spatial requirements. We embraced the design thinking and intention of the Liquid Studio and complemented it with the natural and chic palette of the existing office.


The studio can be used as a whole or manipulated to host separate events and individual break out spaces. From lecture theatre formats to individual work benches, to Accenture’s internal planning sessions or corporate events, the Liquid Studio can be adapted to suit a large variety of functions.

Similarly, the Mobile Stations are intended to be completely flexible to accommodate a myriad of uses from individual work stations through to being joined together to facilitate group design sessions. Almost every surface the studio and the Mobile Station is writable, able to be projected onto and easy to manipulate to suit a client’s particular purpose.

The immersive workshops in Liquid Studio allow organisations to receive tangible, hands-on experience of how their business can benefit from the most disruptive technologies, such as artificial intelligence and augmented reality.


“i2C have been a tremendous partner in our development of the Liquid Studio.  I felt like we were working with our own close colleagues – friends who were just as invested in the project as we were. Not only did i2C  provide us with great design and architectural services, they worked hand-in-hand with our vendors, fabricators and builders. It was a true team experience!

Beyond all of this, i2C went beyond the requirements by sourcing great vendors and fabricators for our custom furniture and acoustic treatment requirements.  We even co-created our own binary acoustic diffusor pattern that was deployed across all the studio walls – amazing!

Thanks to i2C, I would recommend them to anyone looking for the highest quality work coupled with an attention to detail and customisation second to none!” Justin Baird,

Managing Director of R&D, Technology & Innovation at Accenture

Photography: Blake Brockdorff, ArchiShot


Client: Accenture

Builder: Hunter Mason

Discipline: Interiors

Expertise:  Interior Design

Year: 2016/ 2017

Location: Pyrmont, NSW

Status: Complete