McDonald’s Oxley Refurbishment


The McDonald’s Oxley store was affected by extensive damage from the Queensland floods. The flood water levels rose to approximately 1.8m, contaminating the building internally and as a result, the store needed to be gutted and rebuilt.

While there was damage to some of the drive thru and vegetation most of the exterior of the building was salvageable. The building was assessed to determine what could be kept and what couldn’t, with most of the internal areas deemed unusable.

The refurbishment provided an opportunity to incorporate the new McDonald’s store design with a more functional kitchen and counter layout which was in line with updated design standards. Other areas included a new crew room, an updated dining room area with an improved look and feel, along with new outdoor furniture and floor finishes.

Photo: Aerial Advantage

While we had to work with the existing building structure, we were able to offer more flexible solutions for other areas. The bathroom layout was restructured with minimal impact to the hydraulics. The cool room and freezer were no longer fit for purpose they were replaced and reconfigured with new slabs laid for both.  

The local council were accommodating and assisted by working to get all the approvals across the line quickly. The builders and consultants were invested in working together with the McDonald’s team to ensure the store was completed on time, to get the business up and running again and open for the community to enjoy.

Photo: Aerial Advantage
Photo: Aerial Advantage

Location: Yuggera, Turrbal Country | Oxley, QLD

Client: McDonald’s Oxley

Photographer: Aerial Advantage