On site at Colac Plaza

External work is progressing finally after several bouts of bad weather. Kerbs and channel are progressing and road base is being laid.

External steel work is being painted in preparation for cladding and feature materials are to be fitted off.

Rear culvert is finally off hold and additional screw piles are being driven in, one of the packs has already been installed. In total there will be about 30 or so are being installed to the “Vegemite” soil adjacent to the river. These screw piles are only 5m deep, some have been up to 8m to get resistance for founding. this whole structure is to support a podium deck above flood level to comply with council conditions.

Internal fit off is in progress to the mall and sliding track for the Mirage folding door system are in. Next will come the bulkheads for the tenancy and the timber feature ceiling.

Feature tiles are being installed to the toilets. from here they will progress to the mall area over the next week.

Final fitment of internal parapet finishes is progressing and the cafe mechanical works are in progress.

Project name: Colac Plaza

Client: Lascorp

Builder: Maben

Cost: 10m

Location: Queen Street, Colac, Vic

Status: Construction