Revit Technology Conference: May 2015

11th annual Revit Technology Conference “RTC” – Jupiters Casino, Gold Coast, QLD

RTC, is a 3 day event that attracts delegates worldwide bringing together some of the smartest, passionate and inspiring BIM contributors from the Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Owner-operated industry ‘AECO’ to share knowledge, new technology, best practice and workflows, and providing global networking opportunities. We sent Justin Young & Haigen Sykes along – here’s how they went…

Justin: This is the 2nd event I have had the privilege to participate in, and the 3rd that i2C has been represented at. Ironically or perhaps inevitably the RTC has matured in to something well beyond Revit. Contributors and exhibitors this year representing Revit, Navisworks, dRofus, Rhino, Grasshopper, Dynamo, Excel, Newforma, ArchiCAD, Open BIM, SketchUp, Codebook, Union Square, Unifi, Occulus Rift – just to name some.

The conference opened with keynote speaker David Philp AECOM Director of BIM for Europe, Middle East, Africa and India, and Head of UK Government BIM Task Group. David said much about the UK Government mandate on ‘Level 2 BIM’ by 2016 and the idea that beyond 2016 they will be pushing towards ‘Level 3 BIM’ in a 4-7 year transition. This may be more relevant to i2C than you think given our Ryder alliance.

The themes this year were “Big Data” and the ever enforced message of “Embracing Change”, this was reflected in a reasonable portion of the sessions that we attended over the 3 days. What is big data? Well wiki says this “Big data is a buzzword, or catch-phrase, used to describe a massive volume of both structured and unstructured data that is so large it is difficult to process using traditional database and software techniques.” The session we attended throughout the conference focused on FM technology and case studies, labs on data connections and parametric design using visual programming, PIM and BIM workflows, data manipulation, and collaboration and visualisation workflows.


Haigen testing out the occulus rift     

On the lighter side the food provided in between sessions was amazing and the evening events were great for networking, drinking, eating and defragging the brain. Loved riding the rollercoaster at Seaworld after a few, mind you 3 minutes using Occulus Rift made me feel worse!

Where to from here? We took plenty of notes and still have plenty to digest. One of the nice things about the RTC is that they eventually make the content from all sessions downloadable for delegates so we will ensure we make this content available to you. We are yet to table our thoughts and develop ideas and goals that may come from this event however we will keep you in the mix! 2017 the RTC will be set in the Hunter Valley and is well worth attending.

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Justin Young, Project Coordinator – BIM Manager