Ryder Alliance Exchange Program

Over the past few months, we have had great success in developing the Ryder team exchange program with several exchanges from both i2C and Ryder.














Recently, we have had the pleasure of hosting Kenneth Ho from Ryder’s Hong Kong Office. He helped out in our Sydney office for six weeks, ending January 10th. Kenneth was straight into the fray and proved invaluable with his work on many different projects.

We have also had David Buchan and Helen-Anne Love join the Melbourne offices (both Kew and Collingwood) with David on a short stint in Perth before Christmas. David and Helen then spent three months in Melbourne where they were able to experience the weekend in Sydney for our annual team building event. This gave us all a great opportunity to get to know our Glaswegian counterparts and they became part of the team immediately. Working with us through both the office move and team building, it felt as if they had been with us for years! Both Helen and David have made huge contributions in every area of the office from helping out on design to pushing out construction documentation.

i2C has also had a few team members head over to Ryder in the last six months with David Hendy and Alister Houghton both heading over for 1 month and two years respectively.












More recently Anthony Haslam from our Melbourne studio journeyed over for a quick three week trip to attend Ryder’s yearly team building event and also to lay the groundwork for a stronger relationship between the two firms.












Rene Nguyen has just traveled over to the Newcastle office of Ryder as part of a ten month trip that will include the Ryder offices, a trip to Spain and some travel in between the two.

Finally Jonny Seebacher from Ryder has been in Oz the last week and the Melbourne team treated him to his first AFL match at the legendary Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG).