Sydney Opera House BIM Implementation: Video

This video is based on the Sydney Opera House BIM implementation. This is one of three exemplar case studies carried out by the Sustainable Built Environment National Research Centre (SBEnrc) as part of Project 2.34 Driving Whole-of-life Efficiencies through BIM and Procurement.

BIM Academy (from our Alliance group with Ryder) were appointed by Sydney Opera House as part of a team to deliver a ground-breaking interface between traditional Building Management Control Systems, Building Information databases and Building Information Modelling (BIM).

The Sydney Opera House is a global icon and probably one of 20th century’s greatest buildings receiving over eight million visitors every year. The House is currently the subject of major construction work including a new set of tunnels for servicing and car parking and a sub-level loading dock. In 2007, the CRC for Construction Innovation, the predecessor to SBEnrc, published Adopting BIM for Facility Management: Solutions for Managing the Sydney Opera House which investigated the opportunity for implementation of BIM to support enhanced asset management. This project started the journey of the Sydney Opera House towards more advanced use of BIM for asset management which is still ongoing. This case study will revisit this exemplar project and review the value of BIM in practice.