Tailor-Made Solutions with BIM

Relax, we’re not going to give you a 101 on what Building Information Modelling (BIM) is.


We’re not even going to mention recent efforts to establish government guidelines to mandate BIM or a spiel on how companies-that-don’t-reinvent-don’t-survive. We want to talk about how we use BIM technology to improve and expand the scope of services we can provide.

BIM heralds a new generation of tools and the industry is still coming to terms with its broader implications to the way we work. At i2C, we use BIM tools to centralise all aspects of a project from design development through to technical and construction information, analysing and sharing that information with the various stakeholders. As opportunities arise, we aim to push this deeper into the project’s entire lifecycle.

As a company, we embrace BIM and ensure that each member of the team has technical experience in the BIM environment. Apart from the tools, we also recognise that we need to have a mature attitude in how we apply BIM workflows to projects, ensuring meaningful integration with our internal processes and consultant partners. But what do our workflows and the tools we use matter to our clients anyway?

Aside from increased productivity and better project outcomes, the significance to our clients is that we are better enabled to engineer our services to suit their needs. Using BIM tools, we can tailor analysis and generate reports specific to client needs, adding ongoing value and dimension to our services. We can also explore better ways of communicating our designs through traditional and new media.

The BIM environment is a dynamic and responsive one. We are excited when our clients engage with us in this environment and we encourage them to talk to us about what they need. We want to know what they are looking for above and beyond the scope of the standard services they expect from their architects so that we can deliver.

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Our mission is to continue to develop our people and our BIM capabilities so that we can synchronise with the processes our clients use to deliver tailor-made solutions that exceed expectations. All we need from our clients is a conversation.


Will Joseke, BIM Development Manager – Senior Project Architect