What makes i2C the very best architectural workplace in Australia?

Early September saw i2C rank as 11th in the Best Places to Work in Australia Study 2015 (firms less than 100 employees) published in The Australian Financial Review, and if that wasn’t reason enough to celebrate we can also proudly announce we were the only architecture and design firm in the top 50 across (+/- 100 employee categories).

We thought we’d take this opportunity to share some of our workplace offerings and recruitment strategies as this recognition is testament to the willpower and innovation of our company to fostering committed and engaged employees.

i2C’s leadership duo and founding Managing Directors, Brian Jende and Anthony Merlin, cite their longstanding friendship as the fundamental platform for i2C’s workplace culture. “We wholeheartedly believe that any company is only as good as its people and we want all of our employees to feel that their contribution is valued and that coming to work is about more than just doing a job,” said Anthony.

MD’s Anthony Merlin & Brian Jende

Great Places to Work

Great Place to Work Australia, part of Great Place to Work Inc, is a global research and consulting firm specialising in workplace excellence and development of high-trust and high-engagement workplace cultures. Their research tool the Trust Index® Employee Engagement Survey, is taken annually by over 10 million employees worldwide. Leading companies worldwide use this model to increase the levels of trust across their organisations and drive business results.

Great Place to Work will blend an analysis of your employees’ workplace experience, through the Trust Index©Survey, with an assessment of each Companies programs and practices, through a Culture Audit©. They can then provide extensive benchmarking against the culture and performance of best companies nationally and internationally within and across comparable industries and organisational profiles.

“Just like your customers, employees have a choice when choosing where they want to work” said Zrinka Lovrencic, MD Great Place to Work Australia, “Companies are transforming how business is done both internally and externally. They understand that a high-trust work culture results in higher productivity, increased engagement and better financial performance. These factors ultimately lead to a competitive advantage and enable companies to quickly bounce back from challenging situations. These 50 companies set the standard for businesses.”

Several years ago the i2C Team was instrumental in developing seven Points of Culture and they exist as a constant reminder for our goals and working life. So it was validation for Brian and Anthony when reviewing our 2015 results across the five dimensions of the Great Places to Work Trust Index©Survey – credibility, respect, fairness, pride and camaraderie.

Score are represented as percentages of affirmative responses by our team members.

While Camaraderie scored an unbeatable 100% affirmative response, the remaining four dimensions all averaged exceptionally high scores. In addition the statements below within the dimensions recorded 100%.

All statements scoring 100%


I am able to take time off from work when I think it is necessary.

People are encouraged to balance their work life and their personal life.

We have special and unique benefits here.


People here are treated fairly regardless of their age.

People here are treated fairly regardless of their race or ethnicity.


People here are willing to give extra to get the job done.

I’m proud to tell others I work here.


I can be myself around here

People celebrate special events around here.

People care about each other here.

This is a friendly place to work.

This is a fun place to work.

There is a “family” or “team” feeling here.

We’re all in this together.

You can count on people to co-operate.

When you join the company, you are made to feel welcome.

When people change jobs or work units,
they are made to feel right at home.

Other i2C working benefits

Along with the renumeration, novated leasing and corporate health insurance, team members are provided with career planning, professional development and on-going education as well as practical support/mentoring, networking and volunteering opportunities to enable personal and professional growth.

“We’re proud to have created an encouraging environment where everyone is confident in expressing themselves and are supported by a loyal team,” says Anthony (MD i2C). “We recognise that our team deserve to enjoy work/life symmetry and we’ve adopted a fun-loving, whole-of-life perspective to reflect this. Recruiting and keeping a talented team is key to setting ourselves apart. We aim to be proactive with strategies and benefits”.

i2C employees also enjoy a range of additional benefits including:
• flexible work hours
• a well-being payments scheme
• additional leave based on tenure
• birthday leave
• profit scheme
• break-out rooms
• annual team-building
• working beer keg in kitchens
• monthly team lunches
• overseas placement opportunities within Ryder Alliance
• Recruitment cash bonuses

Feel free to download our Team Handbook here for more information on what it’s like to work for i2C.

Stay in touch with our Careers page and future working opportunities here.