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    i2C was formed in 1999 and has been built from the ground up, forged by the strong friendship between architects Brian Jende and Anthony Merlin with Rod Rose joining the duo in 2018 as a result of a long term relationship with them both.

    Award winning retail, urban planning and commercial projects have been a core part of our business from the beginning. Over the past ten years our architecture has expanded into mix-use developments and our expertise has grown to include interior design and branded environments. Together with our global alliance partner, Ryder Architecture we have extensive experience in the build to rent sector. Regenerative principles bring fresh thinking to our designs and practice that delivers healthy, comfortable, long term community focussed solutions.

    We are passionate about design that has a positive impact on people, community and the environment

    icon-blockquote When we founded the company, all those years ago, it involved many late night brainstorm sessions and debate for Brian and I to come up with a name that encapsulated the full service practice that we wanted to create…from the very beginning of an idea or thought, right through to the completion of the built form and interaction with the community it sits in. border-blockquote

    Anthony Merlin

    to completion

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    We start with why

    We love to guide and nurture our team by focussing on our very clear vision ‘inspiring ideas to enhance human experience’. Through inspiring ideas, service and a team with purpose we change peoples lives and the environment we inhabit. In some small or profound way our life experiences are enhanced by the work that we do. Inspired by Simon Sinek and his concept of ’Start with Why’ we embarked on a journey of clearly rediscovering why we do what we do. In doing so we developed our own ‘golden circle’.

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    Our team


    Close knit teams don’t just happen – they are created, nurtured and believed in. We have surrounded ourselves with an incredibly talented team of committed, inspiring professionals.

    Culture and creativity bring people together. We have a great culture because of the individual talents and passion that each team member brings to i2C. Diversity fosters greater capability. Our commitment to excellence is the common ground that brings us together to create meaningful places that will inspire and connect people for generations to come.

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    Our Responsibility


    Our Melbourne Studio has been Carbon Neutral since December 2020 and we are working towards all of our studios being Carbon Neutral. We are active members of Architects Declare, the Australian Institute of Architects and Living Future Institute of Australia.

    Our holistic approach to sustainable design reduces the environmental impact of our projects while promoting health and enhancing the local community and surrounding ecosystem as a result. We work closely with clients to identify and prioritise key sustainability factors and recommend effective design strategies that positively impact people, projects, organisations, communities and our wider global environment.

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