Branded environments are the realistic expression of a brand facilitated by the built environment

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    It’s the big brand ideas brought to life through clever experiential design.

    Going beyond the logo, we create immersive brand experiences with the power to inspire joy and leave people feeling engaged with a brand. It’s a way of strengthening the relationship between the brand and its community through the physical world.

    It takes authentic experience to make the environment work, it should be entertaining and engaging. More than a logo and a one-way conversation, we energise places to engage the community, while respecting the originality of the place and environment.

    Your brand and
    environment working together as one

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    Through a program of research and collaboration with our clients, we craft multifaceted and versatile brands that form connections with customers, places and spaces. Going beyond a logo, we take every detail seriously and work hard to make your brand work harder.

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    Being brand builders, we are perfectly positioned to bring your brand to life in the physical built world through experiential environments. Whether it is building on a brand we crafted or working from a set of brand guidelines, we develop an intimate knowledge of your brand to ensure it works as one with the environment.

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    From strategy to design through to documentation, we create signage systems that respond to their environment, connect with the brand and meet the requirements of the site. We see signage and wayfinding as an extension of the brands functions and an opportunity to further connect with customers.

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    We create beautiful documents for a variety of purposes. From EOI submissions and company reports, to design kits, tenancy guidelines and RFTs, we are able to elevate your document design to truly support your brand. Treating every project as confidential, we work with your brand guidelines, assets and content to create high quality documents and support the ongoing development of your document production.


    The Italian Fresh Mercato – Brand Identity and Signage Experience
    The Italian Fresh Mercato Brand Identity

    The Italian Fresh Mercato is a 2500m² full range supermarket with the warmth and bespoke touches of a local Italian delicatessen, with brand identity, signage and wayfinding by the i2C Branded Environments team.

    Melbourne Central Amenities
    Melbourne Central Amenities

    When GPT approached us to design the amenities at the infamous Melbourne Central, their brief was simple – go rogue. Melbourne Central is known for its quirkiness so very early on we knew we wanted to create a strong identity for the space by introducing some kooky characters.

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