The Goods

    The Goods Shed, Ballarat redevelopment is an exercise in restoring the heritage-listed goods shed building and surrounding plazas into a vibrant activity space that balances the charms of yesteryear with the expectations of today and tomorrow.
    Comprising a 120-seat conference centre (Carriage Conference Rooms), a 250-seat function room (Lydiard Hall), a 300-plus auditorium (Terminus Theatre), a bar and commercial kitchen, The Goods Shed Events Hall is operated by first class hospitality partner Atlantic Group.

    Wathaurong | Ballarat, VIC










    Matt Dunne


    Drawing inspiration from place, locality and its heritage, i2C and the collaborating teams retained as much character as possible, salvaging artefacts from the previous buildings to re-use within The Goods Shed and surrounding precinct.

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    The elevated design plays with the deepening of materials and brings a layer of warmth to the highly considered food and beverage spaces.

    From a design perspective, diners can expect high end, industrial interiors that nod to Ballarat’s history, like battening and bluestone, timber beams and columns, and exposed brickwork. i2C’s Interior Design team also worked on the amenities for The Goods Shed’s Events Hall, which features textured marble-like tiles, arched mirrors, and sleek contrasting colours.

    i2C designed the bar, banquet hall, theatre, and meeting spaces, as well as the amenities. The design philosophy was to create an inviting and luxurious space, whilst highlighting existing heritage elements.

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    Alongside the event space, i2C was also responsible for leading the concept design of pylon signage and wayfinding throughout the precinct, which features designs celebrating characteristics from the original Ballarat site.

    An abstracted logo for VicRail (now known as V/Line), was also included as part of the bespoke mesh to intertwine with the original form of the historical building, anchoring the nature of the site and its former use as a goods distribution line that connected Ballarat and Melbourne.

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