Interior environments inspire how we live, work and play. Well designed spaces positively impact health, happiness and connection


    Interiors go beyond the built form of walls, floors and ceilings to give spaces personality, character and soul. 

    They have the ability to cultivate energy, evoke emotion and persuade behaviour.

    Whether the intent is to invigorate the senses or settle the mind; nurture learning or increase dwell time; create a sanctuary or stimulate human connection; interior design has the power to influence the way we feel and behave in a space.

    From the meticulous selection of colour to set the tone, to the curated layering of textures to stimulate the senses, to the application of bespoke detailing to embellish the space, Interior Design is a beautiful balance of architecture, experiential design and art.


    i2C’s Interiors Studio is a national team of designers and technical design professionals

    Our approach is all about collaboration. Whether it be with clients, consultants, builders, international partners or our own team of architects and graphic designers, we believe in designing as a collective.

    With experience across multiple sectors, we understand the need for our client’s return on investment and approach each project strategically, holistically and with purpose. We believe that as designers we have a responsibility to balance the commercial objectives of our clients with our own vision and the needs of the wider community.

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    Food and Beverage


    We work closely with our clients to create successful and thriving food and beverage establishments through customer-focused design.  Whether it be a small kiosk, a shopping centre dining precinct or a standalone cafe, we space plan with function in mind. In addition to conceptual design, materiality and overall aesthetic, the dedicated operational consultants that work with our team ensure back of house and kitchen facilities are functional and meet health and safety requirements as well as everyday operations. Combined with our Environmental Graphics team and access to in-house lighting consultants we are able to deliver holistic concepts that create the ultimate dining experience.


    Eat meet play


    Creating community gathering places for people to come together with their families is something we are passionate about. These multi-purpose spaces are often at the heart of retail and mixed-use developments where architecture meets interior design. When planned well they have the ability to establish destination hubs, impact surrounding businesses and create growth in communities.

    Well designed Entertainment and Leisure Precincts (ELP’s) have a transformative quality that enables them to transition between day and night, creating a completely different atmosphere for visitors each time.


    Inclusive Design


    Inclusive Design often gets limited to basic requirements for wheelchair access or general capability to maneuver around the space. Whilst these considerations are important, they are still only catering to a small part of the population. By definition, Inclusive Design should accommodate everyone.

    Good design considers the entire community which includes a variety of abilities, ages and preferences. Whether it be a Changing Places facility that provides dignity for a disabled person, a Parent’s Room that enables the whole family to recharge, or a Quiet Room that creates a moment of calm, Human Centred Design ensures that more people can enjoy a space and actively participate in the community.


    Kids activation


    Children can often get overlooked in design. Incorporating areas for kid’s activation is a simple way to enhance an environment and make use of otherwise unutilised spaces.

    Parents can grab a coffee and relax in the seats nearby while their kids can focus their energy and feel like they have a special place that belongs just to them. Introducing these spaces enables local initiatives such as weekly playdate sessions that support the local community and make places a destination for the whole family.


    Branded Environments


    Interior Design is all about creating an experience. Defining a space through brand brings these elements together and provides identity, character and tone to a space. By establishing a holistic branded environment we are able to weave the design narrative throughout the interior using signage, environmental graphics and engagement with local and indigenous artists to create a truly immersive and shareable experience.

    The essence of a well defined branded environment originates from the ability to personally connect and resonate with each individual interacting with the space. Incorporating a variety of touchpoints creates a sense of discovery within the brand.


    Workplace Design


    With the shift to working from home becoming more common for many businesses, the design of the workplace has never been more essential. It is no longer somewhere we spend 30% of our day in, five days a week. Now, it’s somewhere we choose to go to come together, collaborate and share knowledge. A well planned, agile workplace accommodates a variety of work settings and balances casual and formal spaces to suit the purpose of the activity. Implementing design models such as Activity Based Working (ABW) can dramatically improve efficiency in an office by understanding the core tasks required to effectively run the business. Good workplace design can transform an organisation into a high performing powerhouse by increasing team engagement, productivity and mental wellbeing.


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    Biophilic Design


    The term ‘a breath of fresh air’ is often used to describe the feeling of calm associated with being outdoors. As humans we are genetically wired to connect with nature. This innate attraction goes much deeper than a visual association to plants or trees. The colour change of daylight between morning and afternoon, the sound of running water in a nearby creek or the warmth of the sun on your skin are all elements that we interact with daily that foster our connection to nature. Since many of us spend the majority of our day indoors, establishing a link to nature within the built environment is fundamental to good Interior Design and creating a sense of wellbeing in interior spaces.

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