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    Brisbane Studio

    The relocation of our i2C Brisbane studio allowed us to consider how we want to represent our personality through interior design. The intention was for this new space to complement our other studios and convey the evolution of i2C’s brand, leaning on the key principles of playfulness, effortless charm, and easy-going character with a touch of refinement.

    Turrbal, Yuggera Country | South Brisbane


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    Echo Projects


    Ryan Linnegar

    • Shortlist Interior Architecture
    • Best Brand Experience
    • 2023 Transform Awards ANZ
    • Best Brand Experience Bronze
    • 2024 Living Futures Australia
    • Biophilic Awards
    • Interiors Finalist

    Playful, effortless, and easy-going with a touch of refinement

    MEDIA Block LANDSCAPE Abrisbane_INT

    The goal was to create a space that complemented i2C’s other studios while conveying the evolution of the brand’s identity. The design team aimed to reflect the company’s key principles of playfulness, effortless charm, and easy-going character with a touch of refinement. The project involved leveraging the existing studio’s striking black features, adding vibrancy through colour and graphics, and creating a central bar to foster better team connection and enable client functions.

    MEDIA Block LANDSCAPE Bbrisbane_INT

    The design team approached the project intending to balance the theme of a polished, professional, and modern workplace with a playful, fun, and dynamic culture. The studio’s interior was upgraded by adding vibrancy through colour and graphics. The walls in the middle of the studio were opened to create a central bar. This allowed natural light to filter further into the kitchen while enabling client functions and fostering better team connection.

    Balancing team needs, commercial viability, sustainability commitments, regenerative design objectives, and a tight timeframe were some challenges the team faced. These challenges were controlled by retaining as much of the existing elements and considering the impact of each change. Choosing readily available materials that were high on the sustainability scale was also crucial for the team.

    Our in-house Design team, Interiors and Branded Environments team worked closely and efficiently with all other external collaborators such as Indigenous consultant Bernice Hookey, signage installers Habitat Creative and the builder Echo Projects to ensure the project was complete on time. Effective communication and collaboration was key to tackling the tight timeframe to ensure an effective yet powerful studio.


    The i2C Brisbane studio reflect our commitment to carbon neutrality and regenerative design

    MEDIA Block LANDSCAPE Bbrisbane_INT-3

    The design team leveraged views of lush treetop canopies out of the first-storey windows by bringing planting into the space to create a stronger connection to the natural environment. The team selected sustainably conscious carpets from Shaw Contract, upholstery from Instyle’s Feel Collection, and workstation screens from Carbon Neutral Autex Cube throughout the fit-out. This supports i2C’s values, commitments to carbon neutrality, and regenerative design.

    The outcome is a perfect example of how good interior design can influence the behavior of people using a space. Our i2C Brisbane studio is now full of natural light, lush planting, and opportunities for collaboration. The vibrant space has injected new energy into the team, enabling team members to work together, entertain guests, and socialise.

    The small uninspiring, disconnected, poorly lit office where the silence was deafening has been transformed into a dynamic workplace where you can hear the pleasant hum of people working together. The new studio reflects i2C’s personality and values while showcasing the company’s commitment to sustainability and regenerative design.

    MEDIA Block LANDSCAPE Bbrisbane_INT-2
    3UP MEDIA BLOCK Cbrisbane_INT
    3UP MEDIA BLOCK Cbrisbane_INT

    Celebrating community, culture, and local ecosystems

    Situated on Turrbal, Yuggera Country, in current-day South Brisbane, the studio is within walking distance to Maiwar, the Brisbane River. Known as a significant source of food, and a shared gathering place for First Nation people, the South Brisbane area is these days known as an arts and culture centre. The experiential mural graphics, designed by the Branded Environments team, displayed across the studio are a love letter to reconciliation and community – while carving out space for Indigenous voices to flourish.

    With the existing office having a very monochromatic, corporate palette of black, white, and grey, injecting colour and life into the space was a core element of the design. Bright and vibrant coral was selected as the primary colour to complement the warm timber flooring. To balance and contrast the warmth, a cooler, blue was added to level out the palette. These colours can be seen throughout the design in bold statements along with a few quirky characters to represent the local ecology on which the studio resides.

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