We are a tight knit group with a diverse mix of backgrounds, personalities, and abilities


    Attracting new talent and retaining our team members is our central focus. Understanding what is important to our team enable us to improve. i2C has been participating in the Best Places to Work benchmarking study since 2011.

    Our team is at the heart of what makes i2C special. The attraction of like-minded people and the long-term development of this team both personally and professionally is one of the key drivers behind our success.

    The involvement of i2C in the Great Places to Work program and more recently the Best Places to Work platform, enables us to track that development through an external resource. This ensures we are staying true to our core values as we continue to develop as a company. The feedback and understandings gained each year has been crucial to our growth. It is with this feedback that we are able to continually learn and cultivate a positive work culture.


    We are proud of our culture and the individual differences that each member of the team brings to i2C. Their passion and creativity challenge us to bring people together through design, connect communities to nature and provide innovative solutions for our clients.

    Our team created and developed our values together. From the graphic representation through to their individual meaning our team are involved in shaping our values. We live our core values and in turn, they drive our success.

    Times have changed since we started in 1999, but the one thing that remains constant is our commitment to our team, clients and values



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    Aside from regular social activities throughout the year, we encourage internal sporting teams and participate for fun and fitness in local leagues activities including Archisoccer, F45 challenges, touch football, push up challenges and charity based running events.

    We care about our wider community. All team members are encouraged to support or volunteer with charities that are passionate about

    Caring for

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