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    Koo Grill
    and Sushi

    Koo Grill and Sushi, located at Coolangatta Airport is a convenient sushi restaurant serving travelers and local businesspeople in the airport precinct with concept brand identity created by the i2C Branded Environments team.

    Bundjalung, Yugambeh Country | Coolangatta, QLD


    Koo Grill and Sushi




    Concept Design

    Koo Grill Sushi IMAGE BANNER BLOCK

    A sushi grill with a focus on fresh, convenient takeaway food made from delicious ingredients scorched by an open flame.

    Koo Grill Sushi MEDIA Block LANDSCAPE A
    Koo Grill Sushi MEDIA Block LANDSCAPE B

    With an interior design concept that touched on traditional Japanese details, the concept brand identity took on a more modern approach to both harmonise with and juxtapose the interiors. Colour plays a key role in linking the identity with the interiors, with the salmon colour being king.

    The colour connects the cherry blossom graphics and lead products, while also working in harmony with the selected materiality throughout the proposed interior fitout.


    The logo iconography presents fish, grill marks, and links smoothly with the ‘K’ in Koo to build a unique and playful logo marque.

    Being a food retail offering, the bold monocolour identity allowed the brand to stand strong through socials and marketing while steering clear of some more cliche or traditional pitfalls of sushi brands.

    Although the client went a different direction in the end, the concept brand identity is a strong piece of work and would have worked seamlessly with the intended interior design and brand approach.

    Koo Grill Sushi 3UP MEDIA BLOCK B
    Koo Grill Sushi 3UP MEDIA BLOCK C
    Koo Grill Sushi 3UP MEDIA BLOCK C