Amberton Beach Childcare Centre


The Amberton Beach Childcare Centre within the suburb of Eglinton WA aims at generating a coastal lifestyle environment for current and future residents. 

The surrounding residential zone is continuing its development and the childcare centre is one of the amenities being built to support the growing local community.

The childcare design philosophy responds to its environment and further references elements of the English Barque Ship, named Eglinton that was wrecked on the coast, just north of Amberton.

The design emphasises the coastal setting and acknowledges the remnants of the Barque ship through the use of light tones in opal polycarbonate cladding and white textured render resonating light, sand and ship sail connotations. The timber finished façade sections are a reflection of the outdoor lifestyle, beach driftwood and the hull of the ship.

The playground landscape at Amberton Beach Childcare has been designed to sit within the local ecological environment. Special consideration has been given to the plant selection to ensure that more than 80% are indigenous species that will complement the existing biodiversity of the area. The materials are kept as minimal and natural as possible. Some artificial shade within the playground is created using shade sails, however, with the use of well-designed planting, trees will grow up to create natural dappled shade across the site. The outdoor play areas function as an extension to the surrounding wildscape and will flourish with minimal maintenance.

The childcare centre’s functionality meets national regulations as well as the day to day needs of the operators. Secure zones and safety are paramount in the spatial planning, access and egress. The spaces allocated to children within each age bracket are in accordance with current regulations and have optimum visual security for the carers.  

The building’s orientation and site planning respond to the geometry of the site however, the placement of outdoor and indoor play areas to the east has been adopted to avoid strong western sun exposure. The western façade to the north of the centre has minimal glazing to reduce heat and glare from the sun. Further to this, the corridor acts as an air gap, countering heat gain to the internal play spaces. This will decrease the mechanical demand within these areas.

Client: Stockland

Value: Circa 2m

Location: Eglinton, WA

Status: Complete

Photographer: Joel Barbitta