Calleya Town Centre Stage 1


Stage 1 of the Calleya Town Centre has been designed as a mixed-use community hub in the heart of Stockland’s residential community, Calleya, located in Treeby WA.

The initial stage includes a child care centre to accommodate 90+ children, a combined café and food offering tenancy, in addition to Stockland’s sales office for the surrounding developments.

The design responded with a contrast in materials to the surrounding context and medium density residential developments.  The café and sales office located to the north of the site are conjoined tenancies with optimized fenestrations for site lines in and out. The material selection of brick, pre-finished concrete sheeting and dark powdercoated frames generate a warm and inviting environment.

The child care centre has a similar approach however with varying powdercoated treatments in a more playful response for the children and buildings function. The child care and adjacent tenancies although separated are notionally attached with a high level canopy, merging the two together.

Site progress is revealing the blended materiality and form in line with the design intent. The softening brick selection and contrasting pre-finished cement sheet cladding complement one another with the framing and fenestrations awaiting a deep reveal detail to be installed externally.

The brick fencing to the child care acts as a solid protection barrier to the outdoor play area, whilst blending in with the overall development and the building’s exterior appearance.

The children’s play equipment currently being installed signifies the buildings typology and will be a pleasure for children once in use.

The sheltered zone around the children’s activity area provides a protected external circulation zone.

The spacing in materiality deliberately offers natural lighting and doesn’t empower enclosure to users within.

The volume of the primary canopy space will be infilled with soffit Festoon lighting above and specific landscaping and washed aggregate paving at ground level.

This space will serve as a community attraction with the café and food offering accommodating activation through alfresco dining .

Client: Stockland

Builder: Lanskey Constructions

Value: $3.6M

Location: Treeby, WA

Status: Construction

Rick Gartner

Rick Gartner

Associate Director