i2C’s is a Carbon Neutral company


We are committed to offset 100% of the GHG emissions. Our goal is to work with one studio at a time to roll this out to become a Carbon Neutral company.

i2C is now a Carbon Neutral Company

Sustainability is a key focus for us as we understand that our work impacts not only the buildings we design but also the communities and environments within which we work. We must tread lightly and positively shape these environments. We are privileged to work on Aboriginal land that we have a responsibility to care for.

i2C chose Pathzero as a means to reduce our carbon emissions and to contribute positively to a restorative project on Australian Indigenous land to offset any remaining emissions to help us become a Carbon Neutral company

We will seek to continually improve and encourage our teams to consider the impacts of every choice and decision made in terms of carbon emissions generated. Read our public report here. Learn more on our commitment to sustainable design.

Claire Bowles

Claire Bowles

Purpose Director