Cuballing manufacturing plant construction update

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Patmore Feed Mills in the Shire of Cuballing WA is a premium livestock feed mill and bulk grain milling facility. It is at the forefront of milling in the area and is part of an ongoing commitment by lead client LGPM Pty Ltd to deliver a turn-key solution to support the need for feed production in this regional area.

Facing east from the in loading gantry is the 30m tall production tower, lime silo, and warehouse storage to the automated out loader gantry. The series of ten silos and walk platforms holds 1000 tons of processed product for distribution. These photographs are a snapshot of the critical path to construction. This facility is designed to mill in bulk and store in the automated out loader for truck orders to be facilitated for dispatch. All truck movements onsite are coordinated through a series of weigh stations to ensure the correct In-loading and of materials, milling and out-loading of dispatch. 

The seven silo matrix allows for bulk storage of locally sourced grains and legumes. Each silo has a capacity of 400 tons and the matrix will store 2600 – 2800 tons of raw ingredients. Nestled between them are the automatic weigh stations for batching raw ingredients. The gantry tower with its lifting conveyors accepts the lotted ingredients and conveys them into the process tower for the first stage of vertical milling and processing. Looking between the gantry tower and the process tower is the intake shed this building allows the grain to be unloaded in all conditions into the process for loading into the silos. 

Looking out across the apron hardstand we can see a better elevation of the intake shed. The sheeting on this building is reversed internally to minimise dust retention from unloading grain and the feed cross-contamination from load to load. The warehouse is structured to allow for rack storage internally with forklift unloading undercover.

The installation of the vacuum hopper will accept milled straw via a transfer pipe duct at a high level. This high volume link is critical to the production at this facility. In the foreground, the liquid storage area is integrally bunded. 

Above left: View from above the four integrally bunded liquid storage tanks. The vacuum line from the straw milling shed can be seen in the foreground. The straw milling shed has been part of the staged delivery of equipment and resources to the site with it functioning as both the receivals depot and light fabrication space. Above right: The batch weighing sorters connected to the bases of the 2600 ton storage silo matrix. These will soon be enclosed by sheds.

Client: LGPM, Patmore Feeds

Location: Wiilman Country | Cuballing WA.

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Zachary Marshall

Zachary Marshall

Project Architect | Architect AIA