Hong Kong 2019 Annual Ryder Alliance Forum


The annual Ryder Alliance forum was once again held in Honk Kong this year in late April.

Being the third gathering of all the Alliance partners, the focus for 2019 was on collaboration and development.

The forum was again well represented with key members in attendance from Ryder (UK, HK and Canada), BIM Academy (UK), i2C (Australia) Ward Robinson (Newcastle, UK), Ruben Reddy (South Africa) also welcoming new alliance partners from Concept-i (Thailand) and Syntegrate (HK, Korea and Japan) with an apology from Ravetllat (Spain).

Over the three days, the team gained insight into how the alliance partnerships can develop commercially as a group, set goals for the year ahead, gained a better understanding of the two new alliance members Concept i and Syntegrate. Concept-i, an interior design firm based in Bangkok, specialising in retail, entertainment and theme park concept design. Syntegrate, a façade engineering and design organisation located in Hong Kong who are highly established in BIM and technical building design. Both Concept-i and Syntegrate are impressive organisations who bring valuable expertise to the existing alliance team.

Overall, all attendees at this year’s Ryder Alliance forum are excited to be part of a very unique partnership of passionate, talented and like-minded organisations collaborating in their respective and amalgamating sectors.


Scott Palmer

Scott Palmer

Partner | National General Manager