i2C places 22nd in Australia’s 2021 Best Places to Work Study


We placed 22nd! We are honoured to announce that i2C has placed 22nd in the WRK+ Best Places to Work Program (of firms less than 100 employees), in last night’s virtual award ceremony.

We have participated in the Best Places to Work Program for 11 years, and utilise the anonymous feedback provided by our team to create a positive work environment for our team. Last year was the first year we did not participate in the program due to the pandemic since 2010, so we are particularly pleased to have cemented our place in the top 25 again.

The Best Places to Work Program is not only a useful tool for improving culture, but is now part of our DNA. Working with our team across Australia to implement the feedback into actionable goals and activities has revolutionised the way we work and gives us great pride and satisfaction.

A little bit about the Best Places to Work Program:
Best Places to Work is a research and consulting firm specialising in workplace excellence and the development of high-trust, high-engagement workplace cultures. The owned research tool; WRK+ People + Culture Assessment is used to gauge results.

Leading companies all over the world use this model to increase levels of trust throughout their organisation and drive best outcomes for staff. The analysis of anonymous employee feedback via the survey is blended with the assessment of each business’ programs and practices through what’s called a Culture Insight Submission. Businesses are then provided with extensive benchmarking against the culture and performance of best companies on a global scale, both within and across comparable industries. Find out more at WRK+

What this means for us:
After a tumultuous last 18 months living through a global pandemic, we need to continually question how we can adjust what might have worked before, to what will help support our team and culture, both in 2021 and beyond. The feedback we’ve received via this program is invaluable in ensuring i2C can continue to create a Best Place to Work.

“We’re dedicated to our workplace culture at i2C, so receiving this year’s feedback gives us a great indication of what the next 12 months need to look like. With feedback and results like this, our team really gets to help craft the future of the business, and we take pride in that. We want people to feel heard, and the anonymity of the survey is a great way to ensure that. Previously we’ve utilised other forms of survey internally, but nothing beats the feedback you get from a third party that’s totally anonymous. As much as we’d love to see ourselves get first place, we understand that we have more to work towards and appreciate the opportunity to receive a true reflection of where we are at with our culture,” says our Co-Founder and Managing Director, Anthony Merlin.

And to our team:
A very big thank you once again, for getting involved with the Best Places to Work Program and giving us the opportunity to better our company culture with your feedback.