i2C Run Club


We are thrilled to introduce our newest initiative: i2C Run Club! Designed to keep our team fit, motivated, and connected across our studios in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, and Perth.

The driving force behind i2C Run Club is simple yet powerful: we wanted to create a supportive community that keeps our team fit and accountable while fostering camaraderie and knowledge sharing. Our mission is to provide an easy way for our team members to compare runs, motivate each other, and stay connected, no matter which studio they call home. By uniting our studios within each state, we’ve unlocked a new level of team synergy whilst encouraging healthy competition that fuels personal growth. Moreover, this unity fosters a supportive environment where knowledge sharing, friendly competition, and personal growth thrive hand in hand.

Melbourne run crew

The Melbourne Studio has been setting the pace within our Run Club, taking full advantage of the vibrant city’s energy and beautiful surroundings. With lunchtime runs scheduled twice a week, a dedicated team of 3-5 runners hits the pavement to break up their workday while soaking in a refreshing dose of Vitamin D.

In Brisbane, Sydney, and Perth, our team enjoys the flexibility to shape their fitness journeys according to their personal preferences, whether they prefer solo runs or the camaraderie of a group. With a mix of first-timer runners, committed weekly enthusiasts and seasoned half-marathon runners this flexibility has allowed the team to push each other’s boundaries, support one another and celebrate the joy of running.

Through this shared passion, we have built a stronger support system that uplifts and motivates, fostering a strong sense of unity among our diverse group of runners.

Different paces – one team!
Brisbane run crew
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