Lake Macquarie Shopping Centre’s Soil Turning Ceremony

It was a pleasure for Anthony Merlin and Maggie Steele to attend Lake Macquarie Shopping Centre’s Soil Turning Ceremony.

Organised by Charter Hall with their representatives present, CEO Greg Chubb, Head of Retail Yvette Keating, DM Kevin Schraader Mayor, Kay Fraser, a representative for the Aboriginal Community and two very passionate elders from the local community, eagerly digging into the soil.

Anthony Merlin and Maggie Steele at the event

We are very excited to deliver this project together with Mainbrace by the end of this year opening up lots of new job opportunities, a refurbished and extended mall with a new Coles and specialty shops, a food destination and a vibrant community hub in the Mt Hutton region.

Project Name: Lake Macquarie Shopping Centre

i2C Team: Maggie Steele, Haigen Sykes

Client: Charter Hall

Builder: Mainbrace

Cost: $50m

Location: Mount Hutton, NSW

Status: Construction

i2C Architects

i2C Architects