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    Horsley Park

    Amidst a landscape dominated by metal-clad warehouses, i2C was given a brief to create Horsley Park Commercial that departed from the conventional typology surrounding it. A small triangular site to work with, the new development was to have a café offering on the ground floor to support surrounding workers and the client’s office was to sit above.

    Dharug / Gundungurra Country | Horsley Park, NSW


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    Impression Projects


    Impression Projects

    Horsley Park Commercial

    Horsley Park Office and Café in are the unexpected gems nestled amongst an expansive warehouse development, bringing some warmth and character to an industrial park

    Horsley Park Sketch


    i2C’s design approach was to reverse the characteristics of a warehouse typology to create a space that felt like a relief from the industrial setting, while still responding to its context. In contrast to hard edges and surfaces, i2C explored a design that introduced natural materials and organic form, that was focused on the human scale.

    The final design, characterized by curves and natural textures introduces an unexpected fusion of nature-inspired elements within an industrial setting. Timber-look battens, textured render and natural stone paving provide a warm and tactile contrast to the surrounding metallic surfaces. Timber pergola structures encourage climbing plants to soften the building’s edges over time.

    Horsley Park Office interiors


    i2C was also responsible for curating the interior of the Level 1 office. Care was taken to ensure the architectural vision of the exterior extended seamlessly into the internal design, incorporating natural timbers and a light and airy colour palette.

    With a considered open plan work zone, and plenty of amenities the building’s interior aims to integrate nature-inspired aesthetics and contemporary functionality. A feature semi-circular board room with full-height double glazing sits proudly over the alfresco below and makes use of northern views over the adjacent greenfield site.

    Horsley Park Office and Cafe


    A light external colour palette, robust insulation and tinted double glazing all provide resilience to the extremities of Western Sydney’s climate, and the exposed location.

    Deep window shrouds and awnings, as well as the covered alfresco to the north, assist in keeping heat off the glazing. The light-coloured roof also houses an array of solar panels, and EV charging capabilities have been provided in the café carpark.

    Horsley Park Commercial is a striking development has succeeded in becoming a defining landmark in the wider logistics park. It has become a point of interest and a retreat for warehouse and business workers alike in the surrounding area. The warm aesthetic of natural timbers and dark contrasting window shrouds has begun to extend to the office annexes of the surrounding warehouses to create a coherent feel to the logistics park development. Along with native landscaping, this has been a feat in being able to soften and make inviting what would otherwise be a hard industrial landscape.

    Horsley Park Commercial