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    Roxburgh Park
    Town Centre

    A sense of place, community and distinction are the defining aspects to the design philosophy behind the Roxburgh Park Town Centre Development.

    Wurundjeri Country | Roxburgh Park, VIC




    Colonial First State Global Asset Management




    retail, urban






    Nick Doolan

    • Asia Pacific Shopping Centre Design and Development 2014 Finalist
    IMAGE BANNER BLOCK_Roxburgh_Park_2

    Environmental sustainability was a core consideration in every aspect of the design. Cyclist’s facilities were included for centre staff and pedestrian linkages to trains and buses encourage centre users to use public transport.

    Natural light streams into the building through high-level, translucent glazing that significantly reduces the glare from direct sunlight and illuminates the mall evenly to create a pleasant internal community environment whilst reducing energy usage.

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    Natural ventilation is facilitated by the retail mall roof design that directs rising hot air towards high-level louvres that discharge externally.

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    The town centre development encourages activity throughout the site by providing points of interest that create meeting places for leisure and relaxation.

    The art pieces are a collaboration between local street artists Twoone Bonsai and Sofles. The trio are known for their colourful massive bespoke murals and considered to be a great artistic fit for creating a dynamic piece for the exterior wall of the shopping centre.

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    An undulating sloping site that resulted in one entry lobby located significantly higher than the other was overcome by creating a ramped retail mall that formed the main accessway through the new centre and created a pedestrian link between the new centre and existing centre located at the lower level.