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    South West Lands

    A new build residential project providing 553 build to rent apartments in three separate buildings ranging from 8 to 16 levels.

    Wembley, UK







    MEDIA Block LANDSCAPE ASouthWestLan

    The scheme is located adjacent to Wembley Stadium and delivers an important part of the new mixed use regeneration village created by Quintain. The buildings are designed with taller buildings facing the stadium stepping down towards the railway.

    MEDIA Block LANDSCAPE BSouthWestLan

    The design is based on an industrial aesthetic with the external use of brick and black metal and apartments and internal common spaces having exposed services and concrete ceilings.

    Communal spaces for meeting other residents are provided in the form of gardens, concierge and lounge areas, gym and bike repair and pet spa facilities

    3UP MEDIA BLOCK BSouthWestLan
    3UP MEDIA BLOCK CSouthWestLan
    3UP MEDIA BLOCK CSouthWestLan
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