Property Council of Australia Committee 2023/2024


We are thrilled to announce that two members of our team have been selected for the Property Council of Australia (PCA) 2023/2024 Committee across the nation.

This recognition is given to those who contribute their passion, knowledge, and experience to shape the future of the property industry. Over the next two years, they will work to steer PCA’s advocacy agenda, power their industry research, deliver excellent events, and expand on their professional development and award programs.

Claire Bowles, our Regenerative Development Lead, has joined the national Build-To-Rent committee, while Dan Coman, our Branded Environments Lead, has joined the New South Wales Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion committee. The Property Council of Australia is a national organization that advocates for the property industry across the country.

Dan Coman and Claire Bowles

Claire’s strong focus on social and affordable housing, coupled with her passion for creating sustainable, regenerative developments, will help drive positive change in the build-to-rent sector. Her dedication to creating communities that go beyond buildings will become a valuable asset in advancing the build-to-rent agenda in Australia.

Meanwhile, Dan’s inclusive nature and expertise in creating brand identities that connect end-users with clients make him an integral part of our i2C team. Emphasizing inclusivity in all designs, his passion for creating spaces that are welcoming to everyone is fueled by his deep commitment to fostering collaboration and empathy. As a member of the New South Wales diversity, equity, and inclusion committee, Dan’s dedication to driving positive change and promoting greater inclusivity will become a valuable asset in facilitating diversity, equity, and inclusion within the property industry.

We look forward to the collaboration and work of Claire and Dan in shaping the future of our communities and cities through their roles in the Property Council of Australia committees.

i2C Architects

i2C Architects