Sydney Opera House, BIM4FM Project

UK BIM Academy beat international competition to win this major project providing specialist facilities management (FM) technical expertise for Sydney Opera House.

In collaboration with the client’s Building and BIM Engineering team, we defined and developed a detailed facilities management specification to meet the building stakeholder needs for the existing building and its future development.

Development and implementation of a world class BIM FM solution improves operational and cost efficiencies to support greater visitor experience and will play a significant role in conservation and preservation, which support the Opera House’s cultural programme.

As part of our commission, we undertook detailed consultations with stakeholders on current and future needs; conducted a review of its current systems, processes and decision matrix; and created a detailed technical specification that defines the long term requirements. This has enabled the Opera House to start the implementation of a web based BIM4FM interface that will link a constantly maintained geo-spatially accurate model of the building to its engineering, maintenance and building control systems.

Following this initial project, the Opera House asked us to tender for the delivery of our technical specification.  BIM Academy teamed with leading software developer EcoDomus, and global multidisciplinary consultancy AECOM, to tender and subsequently win the delivery of the BIM enabled FM platform.  Rolled out over two years the project was executed in two stages.  The first stage involved successfully retrieving and linking information from existing and new databases via the digital 3D model, while the second introduced a broader range of functional modules that can be added to the BIM interface over time.

What we did

Business analysis, structured research, information systems review, technical and IT infrastructure review, systems integration design, stress testing of potential solutions, model management planning, technical report writing, software delivery and implementation, user acceptance testing and training.

Key achievements

We translated the Opera House vision of a BIM for FM solution into a specification which could be realised in the market.  We have delivered and implement a viable solution.

  “BIM Academy combined technical excellence and industry experience to create a comprehensive technical specification for our bespoke BIM for FM solution”

Bob Moffat, Business Strategy and Planning Manager, Sydney Opera House

Will Joske

BIM Development Manager