Team Building 2017

Last month we conducted our annual team building weekend at the Novotel in Geelong, Victoria.

The official kick off was Friday morning, a little later than we’d planned due to the flight being delayed in from Sydney. As we arrived, we were all given an Animalyser  T-shirt  with each of our favourite animal’s colourfully depicted on the front. A quick change and we were all part of the same zoo ready to take on the weekend together. This year we were joined by international Ryder Alliance guests; Ryder Architecture’s Jonny Seebacher (UK) and Richard Dorkin (HK) and Brian Taylor, Ward Robinson (UK).

The first guest speaker for the weekend was Pam Harris who taught us some useful skills around Thinking on our Feet .After lunch we spent some time reflecting on our achievements over the past 12 months, focusing on our goals for the year ahead and articulating what i2C culture means to the team. Our Ryder Alliance guests, Jonny and Brian spoke to us about Ryder Architecture and Ward Robinson and where the direction of the Alliance’s for 2017. We spent the rest of the afternoon in groups working together in some Design, Documentation, Construction and Interiors sessions.

Friday night was free for the team to explore the local area for dinner which meant that many found their way to Little Creatures Dining Brewery for a beer and a bite. Then we regrouped after dark at the Old Geelong Gaol, one of Australia’s largest 1800’s convict prison’s for a ghost tour.

Saturday morning, commenced with guest speaker Jason Clarke. Jason is the founder of Minds at Work  and has run several thought-provoking workshops with the team over the past year. This session was no exception and ended with the team determining the actions for change for their year ahead. The last of the design sessions were held that afternoon and then we broke to prepare for the evening’s celebrations.

The i2C Design and Management awards ceremony and dinner followed. They are good way to show how much we appreciate the team and the hard work that they do with a few laughs thrown in. Post dinner, a lot of the team continued celebrating at local bar the Edge. It’s a good night for everyone to relax and get to know each other better socially.

Award winners: Nik Keres, Ben Virgilii, Magdelena Uscinowicz, Adele Teh, Ryan Dobbs and Dino Delotavo.
Award winner: David Hendy