The Sheds Town Centre, Tarneit gets green light


Citing ambitious plans for a vibrant and healthy community, development approval of The Sheds Town Centre has been granted, following immense support. i2C will lead the design, which is set to explore the importance of congregation within the Tarneit community with a colourful mix of uses.

Forming part of the broader suburb, The Sheds Town Centre on the corner of Tarneit and Kenning Road will transform the local area with an abundance of convenient retail amenities, childcare, commercial offices, medical services, engaging entertainment and a fast food offering.

The Sheds Town Centre
The Sheds Town Centre

The 13,100sqm precinct will feature 9,500sqm of specialty retail space en route to the main Coles supermarket, which will be further complemented by a diverse market-style precinct with an emphasis on local produce and fresh food. The precinct will also include an outdoor dining experience, a congregation space and a night-time entertainment zone.

Working alongside property developer Goldfields, i2C was appointed to lead the design, for its longstanding experience within the region and industry expertise in community master planning. Weaving a deep historic and ecological narrative into its projects, i2C has sought to create developments that are in keeping with the local context and help provide a sense of individuality for the community.

Paying homage to the farming history of the area and seeking to draw on the communal and domestic nature of the language, i2C created a development design that complements the local Tarneit context, while inviting architectural dialogue around contemporary design and Tarneit’s agricultural heritage.

Drawing inspiration from the original basaltic plains, farm land and banks of the Werribee River, red and washed-white brick will be used to reference the area’s history and create patterns of interest to break up the facades, while gabled roofs will draw reference to the historic context of the site and give a domestic language to the public realm zones of the development.

After a productive collaboration process with Goldfields to get the design across the line, i2C Associate and National Design Lead Joe Wright looks forward to bringing the concept to life.

“We are so excited by the prospect of creating a town centre with a deep connection to place and strong promotion of neighbourhood values,” he said.

“The town centre has been designed to encourage young families to connect and interact via the outdoor play and congregation spaces, where outdoor dining, fresh food markets and recreation zones all combine to create a vibrant heart to the development that celebrates community activity. The Town Centre has been positioned directly adjacent to the future community facilities and connects families directly with the proposed childcare facilities on the upper level. It’s going to be a very joyful space to be enjoyed by generations to come.”

Incorporating high-level louvres, the design provides shading to the entry forecourt to make for a cool and comfortable experience. The town square invites natural light from the north and late afternoon sun, while shutting down the prevailing winds from the south-west, west and north.

Smaller specialty retail shops will activate the ground floor internally while anchoring the western part is the market side, which spills into the town centre and provides visitors with a point of difference from the core retail shopping experience.

i2C has used traditional and contemporary architecture to enhance the area via a design that promotes a pedestrian network, connecting with the future developments of the surrounding area.

The overall design promotes a strong interaction with the proposed community facility adjacent, as well as providing an opportunity for patrons to experience day and night activation of the spaces via the fresh food market, restaurants and outdoor dining areas.

Construction at The Sheds, Town Centre Tarneit will commence in mid-2023.

The Sheds Town Centre
The Sheds Town Centre

Client: Goldfields

Design Team: Joe Wright, Yazid Hussein, Brian Jende

Documentation: Rebecca McDonald, Corey Blake,

Interior Design: Mags Uscinowicz, Kate Ellis, Jessica Basile

Town Planning: Whiteman Property and Associates

Consultants: GBLA, Reeds Consulting, ADP Consulting, Urban, Kopfler Dobos, Orb Fire, Leigh Design, PLP Building Surveyors

Location: Wurundjeri | Tarneit, VIC

Joe Wright

Joe Wright

Design Director