Wallis Drilling Headquarters


The Wallis Drilling headquarters sees the development of a state-of-the-art workplace with a deep connection to the history of the local area as well as to the innovative past of Wallis Drilling as a company.

Located at 81 Bushmead Road in Hazelmere, the project is divided into a series of separate buildings housing independent uses which are positioned strategically north-south across the length of the site.

At the development’s frontage, a two-level office building on the east and machine shop on the west present to Bushmead Road and establish an iconic gateway of twin gabled roof forms for visitors on the site. Convenient based parking for workers and visitors is located upon entry and truck circulation co-ordinated in a safe and efficient layout.

Open Office
Main Kitchen and Breakout

Attention has been given to establishing a functional and contemporary architectural vision for the precinct. The assemblage of drills within the manufacturing facilities requires a higher volume for these to be erected within and dictate the adoption of a gable-end architectural roof type.

The core of the design intent is to celebrate Wallis Drilling’s proud manufacturing innovation, which started with the development of the first commercially successful Air Reverse Circulation drilling system in the work in 1974. In adopting a classical gable-end architecture, the development subtly reflects the historic and cultural significance of the nearby Midland Railway Workshops with its iconic pre-war style.

Client:  Wallis Drilling

Services: Industrial Architecture and Interior Design

Project Coordinator: Luke Spiccia

Interior Designer: Magdalena Uscinowicz

Location: Hazelmere, WA

Status: Documentation

Luke Spiccia

Luke Spiccia

Project Leader