Blake Brockdorff celebrates 15 years

Blake_Brockdorff_0086 (1)

Congratulations to Blake Brockdorff for marking his 15 years at i2C.

Since 2007, Blake has been involved in three office relocations and has moved himself to Ballina where he continues his i2C journey remotely, making trips to the Sydney office quarterly to keep in touch.

Blake’s photography with his side company ArchiShot has also helped i2C Architects over the years, assisting the team with his architectural photography expertise.

Blake is always ready to give any of the team a hand and often comes to the rescue when a project needs some TLC. His passion for producing innovative design and creating CGI models allows clients to visualise their projects, allowing them to feel confident about the design and how it will look. Blake is dedicated to designing projects with an aesthetically pleasing quality, paired with retail practicality for the customer and tenants.

“Working for i2C for over 15 years has been a pleasure, the freedom and support to shape your career how you see fit is paramount to my longevity here. The team dynamic is fun and supportive and I can safely say I’ve made some lifelong friends during my time here,” said Blake.