Colac Plaza Coles Opens

Colac Plaza Coles opened this month with all the fan fair including its very own fruity band and sausage sizzle. It was a great vibe around the centre and with school holidays in full swing, it felt as though the whole town was out to celebrate.

The centre has come up well and is something the team should be really proud of. Credit goes out to the builders Maben who managed to pull it together in the last week despite battling constant rain for the last couple of months.

There has been a lot of positive feedback on the project outcome and in particular from Coles and Clients, Lascorp who are really pleased with how the centre has turned out.

This is great feedback from the team that worked exceptionally hard on this project including Nikola Keres and Zach Marshall from i2C whose commitment is evident in the results. The weather provided some challenges along the way but the end product is credited to the collaborative efforts of the teams at Lascorp, Coles, Maben, Urban and i2C.

Client: Lascorp

Builder: Maben Group

Cost: $10m

Location: Colac Vic

Status: Complete