Top Ryde City Shopping Centre Level 1 Opening

The Sydney team are excited to see the Top Ryde Shopping Centre Refurbishment, level 1 fresh food precinct open! The new travelator connection between level 1A car park and level 1 of the shopping centre has a rainbow light sequence which creates a spectacular effect in the evening.





The i2C boys riding the new travelator. The canopy is a tensile fabric structure between two circular ring beams featuring stainless steel wires.



A new painted concrete block wall with fresh branding and graphic provides way-finding signage.



A suspended light washed plywood ceiling feature with white painted exposed services dominates the fresh food mall. The kiosks have been provided with suspended black metal frames and copper dome pendant lighting. Planting has also been featured throughout the mall.


Project Name:  Top Ryde City Shopping Centre Refurbishment, Level 1
Client:  151 Property
Cost:  $19m
Location: Devlin Street 7 Blaxland Road, Ryde, NSW
Status: Complete