Team Promotions

This month we congratulate five of the team members on their recent promotions.

David Hendy has been promoted from Project Coordinator to Project Leader. David’s efforts over the last 12 months have cemented him in the role of running projects whilst leading and developing the team in the Melbourne office. Having been with i2C since September 2011, Dave has long been the torch-bearer of culture in the Melbourne office, always stepping up to get everyone together. Whether it’s a social function or a beer (and chess) after work on a Friday, you’ll always see Dave getting the troops together and making everyone feel at home.

Greg Huc joined i2C in 2017 and quickly became a well-appreciated asset to the team across all of the studios. He has been elevated to Senior Project Architect – National Design Lead. His knowledge and thirst for great architecture is second to none and we are grateful to have him on our team. His mentorship and design guidance continues to lead the team to create great architecture and architects.

Chris Egan, Magdalena Uscinowicz and Joseph Wright have been promoted to Associate level.

Since joining the team at i2C, Magdalena Uscinowicz has shown an exceptional level of dedication and commitment to the business. Magdalena approaches each new project with creativity and passion as she continually challenges the boundaries of design to create inspiring spaces. The interior design studio has grown under her management and as a result, Magdalena is perfectly placed to take over running the National Interiors Team.

Chris Egan is an invaluable asset to i2C, managing project teams to deliver high-profile projects on time and within budget. Clients and team members that work with him are constantly impressed with Chris’s dedication to architecture and design. Since starting in the Perth studio, Chris has embraced i2C’s points of culture, exemplifying passion, teamwork and excellence in all aspects of his work.

Joseph Wright’s unwavering professionalism, style and architectural flare will continue to shine in his new role within i2C. Joseph’s ability to embed himself into the team and the culture was instantaneous and he brings a refreshing edge to our architecture and management of the design team.