Cuballing manufacturing plant near completion


The Patmore Feeds project keeps striding towards completion. The project is a highly integrated task to deliver a food production facility capable of producing 30 tons per hour of various types for the domestic livestock market.

It’s been approximately 10 months since i2C’s involvement commenced on the project, the LGPM site delivery crew have been working hard towards the commissioning stage of the plant. The project is starting to shape with an impressive amount of work now completed on site. LGPM and i2C have had several hurdles to face along the way, including several Covid lockdowns, teams working from home, Western Australian border closures and the difficulty of receiving imported equipment and supplies onsite to blast over 3500m2 of rock.

The buildings on site have been completed, with the final fitment of access doors and external equipment underway. Some local antique farm equipment has been installed on site to reference the improvement in technology over the years. The updated machinery and technology increases the productivity that a plant like this will bring to the local region.

All the racking and major equipment have been installed inside the processing and warehousing areas. Secondary process equipment for ingredients storage is ready for the bulk bags. The first grain deliveries have already been received and loaded into the Mighty Bulk Silos so that testing and commissioning can begin.

It’s been a great project to work on with project LPGM.  We look forward to the end goal of commissioning, production, and handover to Patmore Feeds.

Client: LGPM, Patmore Feeds

Location: Wiilman Country | Cuballing WA.

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Zachary Marshall

Zachary Marshall

Project Architect | Architect AIA