Dan Murphy’s Secret Harbour

Revisiting Dan Murphy’s, Secret Harbour a few months after opening was a rewarding experience.

Photography: Sivertone Michael Conroy

This Dan Murphy’s store had very tight time constraints and was completed in an impressive time frame of 16.5 weeks, which was a remarkable 10 weeks ahead of schedule. The deadlines for this job were critical for Dan Murphy’s to be able to open and commence trading  to meet their commercial objectives.  The acceleration of the project enabled the store to open in November 2017 and take advantage of the Christmas trading period – rather than the originally forecast opening date of early February 2018 exceeded everyone’s expectations.

As well as the time constraints, TRICON was also required to construct the store with minimum disruption to the existing centre and it’s tenants. Collaboration  and communication were paramount to ensure that any potential impacts on local customers were minimised.  The project site was restricted to a confined area so that car parking was not impacted, hence TRICON used precast concrete wall panels produced off site and delivered on the day or erection.

Photography: Silvertone, Michael Conroy
Photography: Silvertone, Michael Conroy
Photography: Silvertone, Michael Conroy
Photography: Silvertone, Michael Conroy
Photography: Silvertone, Michael Conroy

This successful delivery of this project is due to the great collaborative approach taken by all of the teams involved.  Client Charter Hall, TRICON, Pritchard Francis Engineers and i2C, worked in conjunction with the project team to ensure the successful delivery of this Dan Murphy’s store without compromise.

Having to re-document to suit an updated design brief after construction had already commenced, i2C exceeded all expectations in adopting a ‘can do attitude’ and collaborative approach as architect and lead consultant for the new Dan Murphy’s in Secret Harbour.

“i2C played an integral role in the early completion of the project ensuring that design information was furnished to accommodate the accelerated construction program and early project completion.

A great experience with a successful outcome that we hope to have an opportunity of replicating in the near future.”  James Firth, Director, Tricon

Project Name: Dan Murphy’s Secret Harbour

i2C Team: Rick Gartner

Client: Charter Hall

Builder: TRICON

Cost: $2.6m

Location: Secret Harbour, WA

Status: Complete