Living Building Challenge 7 Series Event 3: Reconnecting For Better Health (BIDERAP)


This is the third in the series of Seven Living Building Challenge events taking place in Melbourne over the next year.

“Humanity is the product of it evolved relationship to nature, countless yesterdays of ongoing interaction and experience of the natural world. Our senses, our emotions, our intellect, and even our culture developed in close association with and in adaptive response to, the nonhuman world.” – Stephen Keller

Facilitating our exploration of Health and Happiness will be Jack Noonan, Vice President for Australia and New Zealand of the International WELL Building Institute. Jess Bennett, WELL AP and Jane Toner, Biomimicry Professional will share their project experience, approaches and perspectives on Health & Happiness and why our own well being is intrinsically linked with the health of the ecosystem in which we dwell and our connection to it.

Living Building Challenge  – Health and Happiness  Petal

The Living Building Challenge™ is a building certification program, advocacy tool and philosophy that defines the most advanced measure of sustainability in the built environment possible today and acts to rapidly diminish the gap between current limits and the end-game positive solutions we seek. The Living Building Challenge (LBC) poses the question, “What if every single act of design and construction made the world a better place?”

LBC’s seven performance standards, or Petals, align with the metaphor of our buildings being designed to emulate flowers – harvesting energy and water in place, using locally available materials, connecting to and enhancing the ecosystem in which they exist, and being beautiful.

This Petal recognises the importance of improving occupant health by providing a direct connection to the outdoor environment and by reducing or eliminating indoor pollutants as well as promoting designs that bridge the gap between the built and natural worlds.


Date: Thursday 6th February

Time: 6 – 8pm

Place: Shaw Contract, 3a/650 Church St, Richmond VIC 3121

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