Dino joins ULI Australia’s Sydney District Council


We are thrilled to announce that Senior Project Designer, Dino Delotavo has been selected as a member of ULI Australia’s Sydney District Council.

Dino brings a wealth of architectural expertise, spanning from the initial concept design to the execution of significant projects, including residential developments, regional shopping centres, mixed-use complexes, and hotels across Australia, Asia, and the Middle East. His specialised knowledge in environmental psychology, coupled with his global experience, drives him to craft design solutions that elevate user experience. Dino’s expertise allows him to create designs that balance innovation with commercial realisation.

As a dedicated advocate for compact cities and urban development, Dino has had a strong connection with ULI for many years. He is excited to join the ULI Australia’s Sydney District Council and looks forward to sharing his knowledge and experience, fostering a collective drive towards more sustainable, well-planned urban environments, both within and outside Australia.