First Build to Rent development in Oakleigh South


i2C|Ryder is pleased to announce that we will be delivering the City of Monash’s first ever Build to Rent development in Oakleigh South, known as Fieldworx House.

Designed for Pellicano, the development will feature 171 high-quality apartments, as well as a range of indoor and outdoor amenity spaces. These include a private health and wellness rooftop retreat that overlooks Oakleigh South, 12 retail spaces on the ground floor, and a dedicated co-working space for residents – a response to the recent trend of remote work across various industries.

rooftop community space
Fieldworx House build to rent development, Oakleigh South

At i2C|Ryder, we place the resident’s well-being at the forefront of development, aligning with Pellicano’s managing director Nando Pellicano’s belief that community creating is a pivotal component of Fieldworx House Build to Rent Development. With an increasing number of people choosing a more flexible work and lifestyle balance and opting to spend more time in their local neighbourhood, we recognise that this change in lifestyle calls for fresh consideration in mixed-use and build to rent apartment design. Fieldworks House will be a build to rent development that creates a vertical neighbourhood, encouraging and enhancing the social experience for residents and the wider community alike.

rooftop lounge and amenities
Fieldworx House roof top amenities
Ground floor retail activation
Retail space at Fieldworx House

The Fieldworx House site also has strong ties to place, and as such, the team wanted to incorporate this into the design. Exposed brick will be displayed throughout as a nod to Oakleigh South’s strong bricklaying history and industrial aesthetic. In the 1940s, the area was a sand quarry, and the design heavily represents this geological history through the use of earthy tones and textures.

Fieldworx House, as the first BTR development of its kind in the City of Monash, is poised to set the standard for future developments in the area. The development provides an opportunity for Oakleigh South and its neighbouring suburbs to re-establish commercial property activity, provide a variety of community-based facilities, and rejuvenate the underutilized site.

Street view of Fieldworks House
Street view of Fieldworx House

The development will also pay homage to its community by incorporating locally inspired artwork on the building’s exterior. Residents and the public alike will enjoy a blend of fine architectural design and integrated landscaped spaces that will reinvigorate a social and cultural experience for the wider community – an ethos that is reflected in each of i2C|Ryder and Pellicano’s philosophy.

i2C team: Marcus Greening, Agustín Barreca, Amar Dzihic, and Yazid Hussein

Client: Pellicano

Builder: Pellicano

Location: Boon Wurrung | Oakleigh South, VIC

i2C Architects

i2C Architects