Podcast: The Investment Potential in social and affordable housing


Social and affordable housing has made up only about 1% of the homes that have been built in Australia over the past decade. It’s an area that needs urgent attention as a growing number of people experience rental stress and homelessness.

But how do investors and developers get involved in a sector that’s still largely misunderstood? And what are the benefits? We invite you to listen to this insightful episode of CBRE’s, Talking Property podcast where they explore the investment potential in social and affordable housing.

i2C’s Residential Lead, Gavin Salt joined Wendy Hayhurst, CEO of the Community Housing Industry AssociationNicholas Proud, CEO of Powerhousing Australia joined Steph Harper, Valuation & Advisory Services Director at CBRE to discuss the current challenges of social and affordable housing and how investors and developers can get involved in one of Australia’s emerging growth sectors.

Listen to the podcast.