Ryder Alliance 2016 Forum Introduces New Members

Seeded in 2010 and formally established in 2014 between i2C and Ryder to provide international capacity and credibility through collaboration, the Ryder Alliance has evolved to the point of attracting additional partners, culminating in the gathering of all members for the inaugural Ryder Alliance 2016 forum in Hong Kong (November 14 to 18).

This was the first time all members have been in the one place and was an important step in gaining clarity around the partnership and its direction. Representatives from Ryder (UK and HK), BIM Academy (UK), Ravetllat Ribas Arquitectes (Spain), i2C (Australia) were present as well as new members, Studio IN-EX (Budapest, Hungary) and Ward Robinson (Newcastle, UK).

Key outcomes from the forum were;

1. Greater clarity regarding the vision and mission of the Alliance.

2. Confirmation all members share a common set of values and culture.

3. A deeper understanding of the diversity, expertise and capabilities of all members, and how these skill sets benefit the Alliance.

4. Improvement of communication channels.

5. Processes set up to facilitate better collaboration.

6. Continued focus on team exchanges within the Alliance

Ryder Alliance 2016 Forum

This year’s priority for the Ryder Alliance is to establish processes which strengthen the collaborative partnership, with the goal of working on at least one project with another Alliance partner. The deeper understanding of the diverse skills within the group now enables the partners to extend this expertise to their clients.

Due to the success of the Ryder Alliance 2016 forum, similar events have been scheduled annually.

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