i2C’s Brisbane Studio shortlisted for National Biophilic Design Awards

i2C’s Brisbane Studio is a finalist in the Biophilic Design Awards

i2C is proud to announce that our Brisbane Studio has been shortlisted for the Interior and Renovation category of the Australian Living Future Institute’s, National Biophilic Design Awards 2024.

Each year, the National Biophilic Design Awards spotlight excellence in Australian buildings, interiors, renovations, and communities that exemplify the principles and benefits of biophilic design.

i2C’s Brisbane Studio was recognised for its strong connection to Country process. We are honoured to have co-created the space with Indigenous Consultant, Bernice Hookey of MZB Empowerment.

i2C's Brisbane Studio is a finalist in the Biophilic Design Awards

The i2C Brisbane Studio was designed to encapsulate the essence of biophilic design. It seamlessly blends sustainability, connectivity, and connection to Country into its architectural ethos. From the schematic plan, through to the design’s ability to unify the team, every aspect of the design was crafted to honour the environment, foster collaboration, and celebrate the heritage of Brisbane and its people.

At the heart of the design approach was a commitment to working with the existing footprint as much as possible, minimising waste, but intervening enough to maximise the spread of natural light into the working areas and social spaces. The plan optimises the use of space and creates opportunities for different working styles, moments for quiet reflection, and spaces for incidental connections. Natural light flows in from windows along the street front, giving team members ample views of the lush green tree canopies that line the street. Artificial lighting is minimised, with only the required lighting to ensure ergonomic task lighting in workspaces, and ambient mood lighting in meeting areas.

Sustainability is core to i2C’s design methodology, the interior team selected materials that were cradle-to-cradle certified and promoted low-carbon manufacturing. Every specified element of the design from the flooring to the furniture was designed with circularity and adaptive reuse in mind.

One of the most engaging threads woven throughout the space is the connection to Turrbal and Yuggera Country. The studio is decorated with multiple environmental graphics and murals, co-created in conjunction with proud Waanyi and Muruwari woman, Bernice Hockey, a champion for Indigenous empowerment, women’s leadership, and reconciliation. The bold and thought-provoking graphics weave a narrative of respect and appreciation for the land on which the studio inhabits. The connection to Country remains ingrained in the studio culture, with wall plaques telling the story behind each graphic piece fostering ongoing conversations and education among team members and visitors.

i2C's Brisbane Studio is a finalist in the Biophilic Design Awards

The integration and consideration of biophilic design principles have brought about a profound transformation in the way the i2C team works. Gone are the days of the isolated, dim workspaces and disconnected departments. Instead, team members now find themselves enjoying the workday in a beautiful space, collaboratively engaging in both project work and social conversations.

In essence, the i2C Brisbane studio stands as a testament to the transformative power of biophilia. By embracing sustainable materials and building practices, cultural reconciliation, connection to nature and natural light, and planning a space that promotes healthy and creative working, i2C has successfully created a workspace that fosters a profound sense of belonging, custodianship, and reinforces our responsibility to designing healthy spaces.

i2C team: Mags Uscinowicz, and Dan Coman

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