Lennox Village Shopping Centre ambient upgrades


Our interior design studio was briefed with an ambient upgrade to Lennox Village Shopping Centre.

This included the interior mall areas and a garden space that could not be accessed, comprising bark and soil around a single large gum tree. After extensive arborist surveying, it was determined that the tree was to remain. This became the centrepiece of the design.

To connect the mall interior and pedestrian access to this space, we replaced existing fixed glazing with new entry doors and awning windows above an internal leaner, creating a flow from the interior to the exterior. The space was designed with the Western Sydney climate in mind after the team experienced the 45 degree heat on their first site visit. Short of adding in a swimming pool, the low maintenance design was created for all age groups to use throughout all of the year. Kids cubby houses, custom “emu” rockers, overhead shade structures, balancing logs scattered through the garden and café-style seating for all to meet, gather and play.

To finish the design, we worked with mural artist, Jake Graham, to create a bespoke “emu” mural on the wall. Builder FutureCon were tasked with bringing our vision to life, and look how happy Marek, the Site Manager is to “play” in the new space!

The finishing touches are still to be installed including hanging blue and white pots in the overhead structure and tables and chairs.

Project name: Lennox Village Shopping Centre

Client: CIPAM (previously Challenger)

Builder: FutureCon

Madeline Armstrong

Madeline Armstrong

Associate | National Sales Lead