Patmore Feed, Cuballing manufacturing plant


The Patmore Feed project at Cuballing WA is part of an ongoing commitment by the client to design, develop and supply the material handling on regional production facilities across the nation.

The location of the site is ideally situated to make easy access to the abundant grain fields in the Wheatbelt region of Western Australia and has direct access off the lot to one or more of these production zones. The feed mill facility is over five stories and five independent buildings connected with an extensive network of both dry and wet goods transport. From the weighbridge to the intake shed and through the processing facility to distribution and warehousing Cuballing is able to mill 30+ tons an hour from a seven silo 2300t supply and store over 1000t in ten silos at the independent out loading. These areas are expandable for product for transport of dry goods as well as palletisation and issue of bulk feed bags, this is done through the warehouse.

Once commissioned the manufacturing plant will be primarily for the production of stock feeds and be supplying key sectors including beef production.  

Client: LGPM

Location: Cuballing WA

i2C Architects

i2C Architects